About Kaler Farms

Kaler Farms started more than 50 years ago with Joel’s father starting the farming operation in North Dakota.  Joel’s family has farmed in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Kentucky for over 100 years; raising a wide variety of crops and livestock. Jaci‘s grandparents raised dairy cows in Minnesota. Today, Joel has taken the helm of the farming operation that is based on corn, soybeans, and edible beans. Joel’s years of growing corn produced the Kaler Farms Corn Stalk Guide. In addition, Joel has developed a wear guard for poly snouts.  Kaler Farms will also be featuring some “non-farm” items, including some products we like in fun areas as well as those you might find in the house.  There are also gift items available—most are handmade originals.  Check out Kaler Farms on their Facebook page to see what is happening on the farm and during the other “seasons.”

  • I put the corn stalk guides on my Drago head this year. It seem to help & work good. I have a friend with a Drago also and he was complaining about the ears falling when the stalk hit the sprocket. I didn’t notice that this year.
  • We plant 12 rows and harvest with 8 so I was pleased with how easily the guides row/rows aligned. Also because we had so much wind damage Iwas impressed how well they resisted wear.
  • We had noticeably reduced ear loss at harvest. The guides also reduced operator fatigue by not requiring the driver to be on dead-center of the rows, especially around curves in the field. We cut through a long field at a 90 degree angle to the direction the rows were planted to create a new headland in the middle of the field and had next to nothing for ear loss. The Corn Stalk Guides are a simple solution to an annoying and sometimes expensive problem.
  • Joel stopped by after I installed them & all seemed ok. Installation was & went very well & that part went well. The wife & I both felt that ear loss was very little. I am happy with Kaler Farms and their product.
  • This was the first year I used the Geringhoff chopping head—and would have been the last. I had heard of Joel’s invention and thought what would hurt to try. It definately paid off. Would recommend the product to anyone with a Geringhoff chopping head.