Corn Stalk Guide

*Patent No. 8,863,486*

See the guides in action

The Corn Stalk Guide is an aftermarket corn head attachment designed to aid in the harvesting of your corn.  The patented guide attaches to the header snout, guiding the stalks past the gathering chain and idler sprocket and allowing more valuable corn to continue to enter the corn head.  That means more corn in the hopper and less on the ground.  The Corn Stalk Guide attaches easily to most plastic snouts with self-tapping screws.  Being made of UHMW (high-wear) poly material, the Corn Stalk Guide is a durable, long-lasting addition to harvest machinery.

Before the Corn Stalk Guide is attached, corn trying to enter the head can easily be knocked away.

After the Corn Stalk Guide has been attached, the corn will be guided past the gathering chain and idler sprocket. This allows the corn to move smoothly into the head without bouncing away from the head.

  • Sold individually or as complete corn head sets. Price is determined by the number of rows ordered.
  • Screws as well as complete directions for attaching the Corn Stalk Guides are included.
  • The attaching of the Corn Stalk Guide pieces takes about 30 minutes for 8 rows.
  • Great addition for twin rows.
  • Shipping is included with the purchase of the Corn Stalk Guides.